Jackie (fabulousfrock) wrote,

March 2014

This one will be super quick because ack, deadlines!!

I'm just taking the writing one day at a time. Trying not to think about all the work still ahead, the days ticking away. Despite the worries, March has been amazingly productive. I finished revisions on the first part of Dark Metropolis 2 and got a decent jump, 4k or so, on the second part. I'm really into writing it, like, truly, love these characters and I feel like in my head I am shipping all of them. Sometimes I'm like, Nan and Thea's friendship is so cute I almost wish they were the lesbians! Sebastian protecting Freddy--d'aww, they could make out right now and it wouldn't feel wrong! Ooh, now Nan and Freddy are making an awfully good team together. And how about Sigi over here with her childhood friend, who doesn't love that?

I don't really know why I keep thinking about it like this. I've never had a group of characters where I feel like I could pair them off in so many different ways and it could work. But in the book, it will be normal-ish. Ha!

I also started an Alfred & Olivia rewrite as a reward for getting the DM2 recount done. I am really tearing it up. In fact, from here on out I am referring it to the Magical Mafia book because I'm realizing that even though A&O are the cutest, their romance isn't really the focus, it's really more of a fantasy family drama.

When this year started, I felt as if maybe I was really getting my writing mojo back, but I wasn't sure...however, so far, so good. I've really been loving what I do in a way I haven't since the fall of 2012.

Also a good Ebay month: $1802 in sales. I've managed to keep from dipping into my savings much at all so as long as everything can hold together, I'm good for a while, enough that I felt confident planning a trip to BEA and not in a really hard-up way: I'm taking Amtrak, not the bus! I'm staying with friends who rented an apartment near the Javits where I will sleep on an actual bed or sofa bed! It's going to be amaaaaaazing!

Didn't read much. I finished Far From You and The Nightingale's Nest, which were both good. But a book in two weeks, not the reading I hope for, and all my ALA books are still taunting and tempting!

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