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alan dare

Magic Under Glass ARC CONTEST!!!

Do you want to win a copy of THIS:

It's Saturday, which is probably a bad time to post a contest, but I'm bored and I have a couple of extra ARCs, therefore I am holding my first contest!

Not only will the winner receive a precious galley, but I will be peppering your galley with sketches of the characters, making this a priceless collectors item. You know if I'm ever as famous as Stephenie Meyer you can sell it on eBay for thousands of dollars. ;)

How do you get an entry? Simple. You only have to help me get the word out.

You get TWO ENTRIES for posting for the full contest advertisement on your blog, Facebook, or anywhere else. You are also free to write your own advertisement if you wish, as long as it includes a picture of the cover, the release date, some manner of description of the book (um, a nice one), and a link back to my LiveJournal.

You get ONE ENTRY for mentioning the contest in brief with a link to my LiveJournal, i.e. on Twitter or any other place.

Leave a comment here letting me know where you've mentioned the contest. The contest closes on Wednesday at midnight Eastern time. I will announce a randomly chosen winner on Thursday. I will ship internationally...it just might be SLOOOW. Good luck, and if you don't win, I will be running another contest with even bigger and better prizes later! Here is the HTML to copy if you wish:



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I posted here and re-tweeted!
I posted on NYMBC and retweeted - but of course, I already have an arc!
Wish I lived near you so I could scam ARCs!

Yes, please!!

Hi Jackie,

Congrats on your book! Can't wait to read it:

+1 Linked in my sidebar (http://whitneyamiller.com/)
+1 Tweeted (@whitneymiller)

Thanks for the contest!

Re: Yes, please!!

Oh this is awesome! I've been so excited to read your book.

+1 I re-tweeted you (www.twitter.com/texaspixie)
+1 I linked to this blog post on my facebook (www.facebook.com/stephanie.pellegrin)
Ooo... so tempted... but I think I may be getting a galley from your publisher anyway.
What the heck! I want those sketches, and I can gift one of the copies. ;)

Well, I'm in line to get an ARC, but I will *happily* post and tweet for the fabulous FabulousFrock! ;-)



The book sounds wonderful. I will be tweeting about it.

The books sounds fantastic, I posted in my blog, and tweeted at @ridingnwriting. I also pasted it on my faceBook wall, www.facebook.com/jessica.schira
Done and done. Here on LJ, which will automatically post on my FB. Off to twitter it too, so look for that mention :)
whoops: LJ: http://christinenorris.livejournal.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/cnorrisauthor
You draw! What don't you do? Okay, I'm gonna tweet this and then put in on my site at www.aliciajwalker.com ASAP.
I tweeted it just now! http://twitter.com/lisa_schroeder
Posted on LJ here and on MySpace here & retweeted @annemariewrites


Edited at 2009-08-22 09:26 pm (UTC)

Enter me!

+2 Posted on blog here: http://thebookpixie.blogspot.com/2009/08/contests-around-blogosphere.html

I have been longing to read this. :D

LOL--my lj friend feed looks like a wall-to-wall MAGIC UNDER GLASS advertisement.

I posted this to my lj and Facebook.

I haven't order MAGIC UNDER GLASS yet, but I've been dying to read it for a very long time.
Blogged this (I actually X-posted it to dreamwidth and LJ, both, to get the word out) because it does sound like an awesome book. Going to make sure and get a copy for my teenager who loves this genre, too!
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