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alan dare

February Roundup

This is what I do now. I roundup. Once a month.

But this will be short because I have an editorial letter for Dark Metropolis 2! Yay! It came on Monday. This also means I finally got to talk to my new editor Tracey for the first time. Just like my sister, she loves birds. She even goes to the same bird place in Florida that I've been to with my sister, when she visits family in Florida. So cool! I'm thrilled with her edits. She presents her edits in such a way that is very compatible with how I organize my thoughts, so it was super easy-peasy to jump in. I totally get what she's saying. Also relieved that what I turned in was apparently pretty decent. I have work to do, but it's only a couple of weeks worth...EXCEPT, then, I really only turned in half a book and a synopsis, and she wants the rest of the book to be a part of this book and not a third book. I completely agree with the reasoning and I think it'll be kind of awesome to have a big epic conclusion to the story. It's just...a lot of work. Not worried yet, but must stay very disciplined. Luckily, so far, 2014 continues to be much more of a "back to my old creative self" kind of year.

Postcard sales: $1660. Quite respectable, especially considering I had pretty cruddy stuff to list and it was a short month. I did spend $700 on fresh inventory so my finances are a bit pained.

Reading: Once again, I read 4 books this month. Groan. But I might finish one or two more tonight. I'm at the end of two different books. I'm just going to count them for February, like, seriously. 6 books, okay? That's better! Last month was Eleanor & Park, this month Fangirl...okay, Rainbow Rowell. I love you. I hate you a little bit, too, because you're so good and WHY is it so good and not just boring but it is, and your writing teases me into thinking "I could write like this, I have some stories kind of like this"...then I feel sure I will never pull off such a thing. The best books always feel like that.

I've been doing pretty well with yoga, except it is so unrelentingly cold that it remains difficult to warm a room up enough to shed enough sweaters to move that much. Same old story. I can't wait for spring, but I promised Dade not to complain about the cold because of smug Floridians on Facebook. This isn't Facebook, though, there are only like 10 of you left or something on LJ, haha, and I think you all know by now that I am not yearning for heat or beaches or tropical anything. I yearn for the drama of spring breaking through the cold and the mountains turning green as a tourist brochure for Ireland. However--we're expecting "significant snowfall" on Monday, so it'll have to wait.


In CO, January and February tend to be pretty spring-like...our 'winter' comes in March and April, so we're trying to be prepared. :) But my tulips and daffodils are breaking through.
Tulips, really?????

We're having record low temps again and tomorrow is supposed to be only about the freezing mark, but with the *s* word (and I don't mean sun...
Wait, tulips and then winter weather? How do the tulips like that...?
Well, they're still here :) It helps that they haven't bloomed yet (though the daffodils up the street are simply shaking off the snow and raising their yellow heads)...
I've been really busy work-wise, which is good, right? If only some of it paid...
Oh, I feel your pain on that....
I feel your pain re: yoga in the cold and also re: Rainbow Rowell.
Good luck on your edits!

And feel free to complain about the weather all you like. I don't want to come across like someone who can't handle the cold in ND (people like to look smug at the thought of outsiders coming up here and dying of the cold)--but heck yes, it's cold, and sometimes you just have to express that fact (not opinion)! So go right ahead. :)
Yeah, everyone who moved from a warmer place to a colder one in the past couple of years got a kick in the pants this year, I guess! Though this IS what I EXPECTED winter to be like. With all the complaining people do about cold up north, I generally assumed that if you lived, oh, from Virginia on up, at the least, you must be shoveling snow and scraping ice every week. =P
We don't have fire ants or alligators. And personally, I like snow. :-)
I think a lot of Floridians consider the alligators a perk! Though I'm not one of them, they freak me out because you know, they COULD kill you if they were feeling really motivated that day, but if you go hiking you'll run into people all the time who are like, "Go down that trail! There's a BIG ALLIGATOR!"
I accept gators the same way I accept bears: a valuable part of the ecosystem, but not one that I care to brush up against personally. I had to laugh at your reply, because I have had the same reaction when I'm hiking and people tell me about a bear on a trail: to me, it signals a trail to AVOID!
Well, bears are a lot more dangerous, I think? Alligators rarely even react to a human being around. But I'm very cautious. Also I don't think they're that interesting because...they're just a big reptile that lays around. Yawn. I'd rather see birds or turtles or something that DOES things, and is more adorable...and maybe plays a little more hard to get!
I love this update :)

As I was brushing snow off my car yesterday I thought of palmetto bugs. I live in a snowy icy place ... with no palmetto bugs. Sounds like heaven to me!
Ew. Palmetto bugs. There are like, no bugs in winter, isn't that nice? Except for a couple of intrepid ladybugs and stink bugs I haven't seen a bug in months. That would be so unheard of in Florida... I'm so happy to never see cockroaches!! *shudder* And mosquitos are only around for like, a month.

Last night I had a nightmare that I had bought this house, but in Florida, and then tried to move to Maryland and was torn between my love of the house itself and my NEED to get out of Florida. *shudder* Okay, brain, you're right, no more complaining out of me.
I really, really, just don't miss Florida, other than the people there.
I can say the same thing except substitute "people" for "Vietnamese food". Ha. Even if I gripe about winter, the kind of weather I'd like to have instead would be quite a chilly day for Florida...