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alan dare

I was going to post about the garden on Facebook and then I was like, NOOO, post on LJ so you can reference it next year! So, here is the status on everything:

Sugar snap peas and English peas: Looking gorgeous!
Curly and winterbor kale: Also looking gorgeous! The curly kale I planted from seed has grown almost as big as the winterbor I bought as a seedling, so next year there should be no need to buy a kale seedling. I've been thinning out one curly kale seedling into my mouth every day. Yum!!!
Eggplant seedling: In the ground for a few days now. This seedling totally wilted in the window while hardening off. I watered it and it kind of perked up, then I put it in the ground. The leaves are pretty yellow and sad looking, but it's still alive, so...
Sweet pepper seedling: Doing okay so far.
Tomato seedlings: The Paul Robeson has started to produce the beginnings of flowers, the cherry was looking a wee bit sad before I put it in the ground so I think it needs more time to spread its wings, but I'm not worried about it.
Strawberry plants: Both are flowering, the first fruit set today.
Celery seeds: No sprouts. Planted at the same time as the peas. I think I'm going to give up on them and plant something else there.
Spinach and radishes: I planted these in sort of poor soil. I was experimenting to see if the weeds that were taking over my peas were in my compost or if they were appearing afterward, so they didn't get any compost. The radishes actually sprouted nicely! The spinach had a very poor germination rate but I've got about five seedlings coming up. But something's nibbling on them. Not too hopeful.
Green onions and chives: I forgot which I planted where. In one bed, nothing came up at all. In the other, something came up...but we have SO many wild onions that I am not sure if what's coming up are just tasty weeds. There are also a ton of other weeds in the bed which I want to get out but it's difficult because the mystery onions haven't been growing any taller. I keep wanting to just tear all of it up and put in something else but I'm still waiting.
Watercress and parsley: Planted almost a week ago, still waiting to see sprouts. Hopefully soon.
Lemon cucumber: Planted today.

I have about four more slots in my raised bed now, and I'm going to stick the basil in with the tomatoes. I'm planning on zucchini, beans, rosemary and cilantro for the rest, adding in more things if some of my seeds don't sprout. Either way, my goal for this year was to have all the raised beds full of healthy plants and I'm about halfway there. I love just standing outside and staring at the magical sight of dirt and tiny seeds turning into plants and flowers. I'm also planning on throwing some melon seeds in the ground somewhere just to see what happens, because I know they need a lot of space. But I sure would love to grow a melon!!