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Just a general Livejournal-is-my-diary sort of update.

--Still loving the house! I guess that's a given by now. We had to get the water main from the street to the house replaced. But we have water pressure now, thank god. The plumber said our old water pipe was so deep he just left it there and put a new one in at the modern standard (where you can actually get to it, if it needs to be worked on?). I also had adventures with a bird in the attic the other day. I am kind of worried other animals could get in there. There's at least one visible bird/squirrel sized hole that needs to be plugged. The attic scares me a bit. Like, I could go up there and get attacked by giant northern squirrels...they are SO much fatter here than in Florida...I hope they're too fat to get through the hole. That would be nice.

--Our plumber is so nice, I feel kind of sad the plumbing work is all done. Although obviously, that's a good thing.

--Since I now have a post office in walking distance I've been trying out Amazon book reselling. I made quite a bit of money reselling our own discards on Amazon before the move, so why not try it as a side job, I wondered? I went to four thrift stores and handpicked a big stack...spent $30 and I've made back $15 already. Not to mention, well, $12 of the books were things we're keeping? So I really only have to make a few more bucks to break even, and it gives me an excuse to take regular walks to the post office. Also I just enjoy book scouting, so it keeps me from shopping for other, more expensive things...

--The problem with book picking of course is just the danger of acquiring ridiculous amounts of books. Luckily we have a lot of room to throw up bookshelves in this house. We could probably double our bookshelf space without even struggling. The good folks at Saveur magazine are always raving about the Time-Life Foods of the World series from the 70s, but back home I only ever saw the China one, for some reason. I found seven volumes at a little charity used book store. They look like great reads. Bonus: the one on "The Eastern Heartland" actually has signatures from two of the old people cooking in the Pennsylvania Dutch chapter. Is that not THE CUTEST? I also got a book on the life of servants in the early 20th century and an Eva Ibbotson middle grade.

--The day before yesterday we got sucked into the magic of Wegman's and spent over $100. Yikes. They have these crispy dark chocolate cookies made with real butter and brown sugar that taste like homemade (except for the texture, because homemade cookies are rarely that crispy). It's food wonderland in there. Very dangerous. So many goat cheeses. So many chocolates. Alter Eco chocolate bars were half off...their nibs bar is the best of all nibs bars, I think. You can really taste the nibbiness.

--Now I must get back to Dark Metropolis revisions, which have been...exhausting, even though I'm very excited about them. It's so hard to focus right after moving. I think part of it is just that I didn't have much time to read for two months, along with everything else. Reading really fills the well in a crucial way. I managed to get through the general rewriting but there are still a lot of smaller scenes and line edit tweaks to be done, AND some problems that cropped up that I don't know how to solve. I have five days left to do it. ACK. Tuesday we're going to Bethesda to see Rachel Hawkins and Ally Carter at the library. I suppose if I was truly dedicated, I would skip it! And keep revising my face off! But a girl needs a break. 4 days appears to be the max I can just sit at home revising or writing before my brain goes "................"


Sounds wonderful :) (In every way) -- I tried Amazon bookselling once upon a time, but I just wasn't diligent enough to make it work well (sigh).
If I wasn't so close to the post office I wouldn't attempt it... To me, that was always the annoying part.
Yes, it was the P.O trips which did me in -- so that's great ;)
The library thing sounds great! And I think my MIL has that cookbook series. Good stuff.

We lived in a duplex in Illinois for three years that had scary squirrels. Or something, anyway--they got into the attic and walls and would chirp and make a lot of noise in my son's wall. Eventually the owners of the duplexes put new roofs on, and er, sealed up the holes. I didn't want creatures in my walls, but I just hope they made it out first...
Yeah, seriously... the good thing about birds, at least, is they are all too happy to fly toward open windows and leave... Hopefully the squirrels will stay out until I can do something about the holes!
Welcome to the Wegmans corner of the country! There's no going back! :)
I agree!
SO true. I am so happy they built a Wegman's here just before I moved!
I recommend having someone come to check the roof/attic/eaves and plug up any holes that are there -- they don't have to even be visible to us to be big enough for SIGNIFICANT critter headaches! and sooner, rather than after spring has fully sprung. I've lived in enough (old, but they don't have to be) houses to say it's worth your while.

(Last year, a squirrel built a nest between the chimney and the side of the house, not even visible from anywhere, and then started clawing his way through the wood siding. It was the scratch-scratch-scratch that alerted me to the problem, luckily before he made it into the attic.)
oh, ps, the squirrels are fat because it's winter... they slim down a lot in spring & summer.

enjoy all the new wildlife & culture! isn't it great to see how many regional differences there are?
It is definitely on my to-do list! we knew when we moved in there would be a panicky period where we needed a lot of work done and not enough money to do it yet...but I might bump that higher up the list now... @_@
I'm so excited to see you on Tuesday! And honestly, I feel like time chatting with writer-friends inspires me to go back home and work harder. So: you deserve to come and have a break from revisions! *is an enabler*
Well, it's TRUE. *happy to be enabled*