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Emily February

So I have this crazy idea to discuss L. M. Montgomery's Emily books on my blog in February. It's probably a stupid idea because I have a repetitive stress injury and one million things to write and e-mail I need to reply to.

And yet... I'm enthralled by the concept. So I'm going to try. I've already been thinking about it because Magic Under Stone is inspired by her work more than Magic Under Glass... there is more nature in it. And, I realized it's been a shocking five years since I last read the books. And, Maggie Stiefvater made a comment somewhere in a recent discussion on merry_fates about female heroines about Emily being a wet blanket. My first response was to cry that she was not, but my second response was to go back and read the books and see if I find some truth in it.

(It wouldn't make me love her any less, however. We have too much in common.)

I first discovered the Emily books when I was 11 years old. My aunt and uncle gave me a box set for Christmas. The girl on the cover of the Bantam edition is sitting at a window with pen and paper, obviously disturbed from her writing, in a good-natured way, by a tabby cat that obviously wants to jump onto her paper and interrupt everything she's doing.


And it did not lie. I loved Emily and her friends and family and her world. I loved it so much that the book I am reading now is so destroyed that I have to sort of cradle the spine in my hand to keep the pages together as I turn them. I loved it so much that I wrote on my calendar "Emily of New Moon Day" the day I finished reading them for the first time. And I read them again and again, every year through my teenage years. I read them all aloud to Dade when I was 23, just before I got serious about my writing career again.

It's time to read them again. Come and join me if you like!

(They're even online!: http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks02/0201141h.html)


I haven't read the Emily books in a long while -- this could be really fun!
I only read Anne of Green Gables. I guess I ought to read the rest of Anne and head onto Emily then, hmm? Does the Emily series have anything to do with Anne? Just curious. :-)

No, they're unconnected. Emily is a little darker, more autobiographical to LMMs life, and very serious about writing. And only three books! Easy peasy. I don't know if I'll make it past book 1 in a month anyway.
Great idea!

And I had much the same reaction to that cover. :)
I adore Emily! I re-read Emily of New Moon a few months ago, but I might have to pick up with the last two now. :)

(I was afraid about re-reading, too, but it totally held up, IMO.)
Thanks for posting about this. The Emily books were huge for me, HUGE. I've actually never met anyone else who read them until now.
I have not read these! I'll try and keep up with you and your posts :-) I've been loving Kelly Fineman's Persuasion posts this month...great idea!
I've never read these...if you discuss them, I'll tune and see what I've missed :)
Robin, you need to read them now! Put down whatever awesome and exciting arc you're reading and go get the first one! You will NOT be sorry. In fact, if I have any extra copies (a very distinct possibility), I'm sending you one.
Aw, thanks, A :) If you can't find an extra, though, I'll check it out from the library.
Eeee! I love the Emily books and would love to follow along with your posts. The first two Emily books I might even love better than the Anne books, though I find the third one troublesome.
I'm in! I've only read the Anne books-and loved them and I keep meaning to read more from L M Montgomery. It'll be fun to discuss them!:)
I looove Emily! She is my favorite LMM heroine. How fun to do a re-read!
Ah, the Emily books, they had one of my favourite couples in them - and by that I refer to the one comprising of Ilse and her One True Love. All of Emily's fiances were washouts!

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I don't remember Emily nearly as well as Anne but that might just be b/c i have the Anne books in my house. I will try to keep up - it would be fun to go back to Emily now after all these years.
OMG, I used to LOVE the Emily books!! I read them several times when I was a kid, but haven't opened them in like twenty years! ::runs downstairs to see if she still has them::
Wow, what rock did I live under?? I just found out there was a TV series made of it about 10 years ago...

I think I may have read these when I was very young but it's been so long...I should try reading them again.
And there's an anime! Which seems to finally be online...I can see how strange that is to watch.


I love all of L.M. Montgomery's books, but it has been several years since I last read her Emily series. Revisiting them sounds like a lot of fun! I'll look forward to following along with your blog. :)
Oooh, that sounds fun! :-) I *loved* the Emily of New Moon series.
I read that comment on merry fates too, and I was quite outraged. I wanted to demand an immediate explanation–but then I thought, *no*. I don't want to know how one could come to that conclusion...sometimes I like to love things without discernment. Like when my best friend pointed out that Andrew McCarthy was mostly a wimp and a jerk in Pretty in Pink and Molly Ringwald should have chosen Duckie, she pretty much ruined the movie for me. Because she was right. And I LOVE(D) Andrew McCarthy in that movie.

So if the esteemed Mrs. Stiefvater is, indeed, correct, I don't want to know. I don't even want the idea, or any valid arguments, to be present in my head. I'm choosing to love blindly–or rather, one-sidedly, and I don't want to give the other side a second thought. Because loving the Emily books gives me so much joy and hope and reading bliss I don't even give a care.

(About why one might think she was wet or blankety; not that I don't even give a care about Emily. Obviously.)

(Although I will be following this blog and discussion, so I may encounter more opinions than I like...but I am suddenly confident that my affection can take it)